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500073 - Saleswoman in bakery

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Product No.: 500073
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500073 - Saleswoman in bakery
To get a busy life on the model railway system, craftsmen and sellers of all kinds are needed. We started with the electrician on the mast. Now follows the bakery saleswoman who can also be used in drinking halls, restaurants, bar cars and souvenir shops.

Also this figure is, like all figures of Prehm miniatures, made of a zinc-magnesium alloy (without the use of lead), hand painted with UV resistant inks.

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This Product was added to our catalogue on Saturday, 06. January 2018.
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550108 - Schweizer Hausmusik
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500512 - Schaffnerin
Eine weitere Szenenfigur aus der Serie ausgefallener Metallfiguren, die den Modelleisenbahner schmunzeln lassen. Auch im Zug oder am Bahnsteig macht die Schaffnerin "ELKE" ein gute Figur.  Von FGB entwickelt und von Prehm-Miniaturen produzierte Metallfiguren, Hand bemalt.
19,95 EUR
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500125 DDR policeman on motorcycle

Many major railway fans in the new federal states wanted GDR police officers. So the model of a policeman on the motorcycle and a policewoman on foot. A little nostalgia on the plant is hereby allowed, as these figures were the most wanted in a survey

The VEB Motorcycle in Zschopau became this machine MZ ETZ 250 F used for traffic monitoring and regulation as well as in normal patrol service from about 1981. After the turn were sporadically still vehicles 3-4 years in use.

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500126 - GDR policewoman
In the German Democratic Republic (GDR - from 1949-1990) was thePolice tight military organized. The People's Police were subordinatethe Ministry of the Interior of the GDR.

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500056 - Lokschlosser an der Achse
Lokschlosser an der Achse - Art.Nr. 500056
Metallfigurern für das Bahnbetriebswerk

Nun kommt Leben in das BW.
Sechs Lokomotivschlosser Art. Nr. 500055 – 500060
kümmern sich ab sofort um den reibungslosen Ablauf, bei der Instandsetzung von Lokomotiven. In und um die Reparaturgrube (Grube von Bertram Heyn - Modell-Werkstatt) wird nun gewerkelt. Nur einer der Schlosser macht Pause und liest Zeitung.
19,95 EUR
(incl. 19% Tax excl. Shipping costs)
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